This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about myUCPH.

  1. Download and system requirements
  2. Log in
  3. Navigation and menu
  4. Messages from KUnet and Absalon
  5. Messages and push notifications
  6. Messages with ‘Important info’
  7. Personal timetable
  8. Libraries
  9. Phone book
  10. News for the media and open events
  11. CSS Map (UCPH Map)
  12. Log out

1. Download and system requirementsTil toppen

1.1 What are the requirements for my phone and operating system?

The app is available for iOS and Android. These platforms represent the majority of users so currently other operating systems are not supported.

  • From iOS 10 and iPhone 5 and later versions/models
  • From Android 6.0 and later models

1.2 Can I use the app when the phone is offline?

To use the app you need to be connected to the internet via your phone. This is because the app must check at login that you are a real user, and because it produces your personal content when opening.

1.3 Where can I find the app?

For iPhone, you download the app from App store, for an Android phone you download the app from Google Play. Search for ‘myUCPH’ and click ‘Install’.

1.4 Which languages can I choose?

The app is available in Danish and English. The app runs in a Danish language version if your phone is set to Danish, otherwise in an English language version. After login you can change languages under Settings.

2. LoginTil toppen

2.1 Who can use the app?

At first, only students will benefit fully from the app but everyone with a login to KUnet can log in and see limited content. Guests can get access via a special guest version.

2.2 How do I log in?

To use myUCPH, you need a UCPH login, which is your username and password for logging in to KUnet. Your username is fixed and consists of three letters and three digits, for example abc123, while your password is something you have chosen yourself, subject to the UCPH password rules.

If you do not have a UCPH login, you can log in as a guest (click on ‘Guest’ on the login page). That will give you access to the phone book and information from the libraries.

2.3 What if I have forgotten my password?

At the moment the app offers no assistance if you have forgotten your username or password. To get help to log in, you can go to intranet.ku.dk and click on ’Forgot password?’ or ‘Forgot KU username?’ and follow the procedure. Failing that, please contact Servicedesk.

2.4 I cannot log in, what do I do?

This may be due to a breakdown or service disruption on other systems used by the app but you should also check the following:

  1. Is your phone connected to the internet?
  2. Have you written your username and password correctly?
  3. Did you change your password recently (it may not have been effected yet)?
  4. Are you able to log in to the UCPH systems from a computer (check if you can log in to KUnet)?

2.5 What is a guest login?

The guest login is aimed at users who do not have access to the UCPH systems as they are neither staff nor students. The guest menu contains useful information of a general nature.

3. Navigation and menuTil toppen

3.1 How do I navigate in the app?

When you are logged in and standing on the opening page with the UCPH logo, you will see a menu icon in the top left corner. Click on the icon to get to the menu. When navigating through the app, you will always have a return button at the top left.

3.2 Why is my menu different from other users’ menus?

The menu is personalised, which means that all users may in principle have different menus. However, it will often look the same for users within the same study programme or place of work.

4. Messages from Absalon and KUnetTil toppen

4.1 What are messages from Absalon and KUnet?

The messages in the app are aimed at UCPH students:

  • Absalon messages are important updates about your classes, for example cancellations or feedback on written work. They usually come from a teacher or fellow student.
  • KUnet messages are important updates about your study programme, for example exam information. They usually come from the administration.

4.2 Why are there no messages in my menu?

Only students get messages in the app from Absalon and KUnet.

4.3 Why have I no messages from KUnet?

Not all study programmes send out study messages via KUnet and therefore not all students receive such messages. You can check on the front page of KUnet (top left column - above the news box) if your study programme uses messaging.

4.4 Why have I no messages from Absalon?

Not all teachers use Absalon to send messages about their courses and therefore not all students receive such messages. However, Absalon messages should also come to you via email so you can check your UCPH email to see if there are any messages from Absalon. Please beware that only messages from Absalon are pushed to the app, not bulletins.

4.5 I can only see the 20 most recent messages, is there a way to see more?

To see more messages, scroll to the bottom of the list and you will automatically see more. However, the app cannot show messages from before its launch in August 2015.

4.6 Why can’t I reply to my Absalon messages in the app?

The app only displays the messages so you cannot reply to them. Absalon messages in the app are intended as quick updates about relevant issues such as cancellations.

5. Messages and push notificationsTil toppen

5.1 What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages on your phone informing you that you have received a message in the app. A push notification may vary in form and function but mostly it will be a short text about new content and your phone will vibrate or make a sound.

5.2 Why do I get push notifications in the app?

This is a service to notify you about important messages of relevance to you.

5.3 What kind of push notifications will I get?

Students will receive three kinds of push notifications:

  1. New messages from Absalon (not  Absalon bulletins)
  2. New messages from KUnet
  3. Important information from UCPH (mainly in case of emergencies).

5.4 How often will I get push notifications?

It depends on how often there are new messages from your study programme. Some will receive more than others depending on the circumstances.

5.5 How can I turn off push notifications?

You can turn off push notifications in the following way:
iOS iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings on the phone (not in the app)
  2. Find myUCPH in the list of apps
  3. Click on it
  4. Click on Notifications
  5. Turn off  ’allow notifications’

Android (may depend on version and type):

  1. Go to Settings on the phone (not in the app)
  2. Choose program manager under system administration
  3. Find myUCPH in the list of apps
  4. Remove check mark in ’show notifications’

5.6 Can I turn push notifications back on again?

It is up to you to decide if you want to receive push notifications or not. Just follow the same procedure as described under ‘How can I turn off push notifications’?

5.7 Can I choose which push notifications I want?

For now, it is all or nothing. However, based on user requests we will consider whether to implement such a feature.

6. Messages with ’Important info’Til toppen

6.1 What are messages with ’Important info’?

In special cases, UCPH will send messages to users of the app, for example updates about the app or information about emergencies, for example fire.

6.2 Why is ’Important info’ only visible in the menu occasionally?

When UCPH sends out messages with important info, you will receive a push notification so you can see the message in the app. To allow you to re-read such messages a new menu item will become available in the app: Important info. The item disappears again within a day or so.

You can also access the messages from the login page on the date of issue. On the login page you can click on the small envelope to access the messages. In this way you can get to messages even if you cannot log in to the app because the UCPH systems are down due to an emergency or otherwise.

7. Personal timetableTil toppen

7.1 Why can’t I see my timetable?

First check if you can see your timetable on the KUnet front page as usual. If not, there could be issues with the timetable service. If the timetable is available on KUnet, there could be issues in the app. In both cases, please contact Servicedesk for help.

7.2 Why does my timetable show incorrect information?

The timetable information comes from the faculty course planners and in the case of errors please contact the study administration at your faculty.

7.3 How can I see which classes I have?

You can swipe back and forward on your screen between the days. If you hold your phone in landscape format, you can see more days at a time. You can only see the current semester and it varies how soon timetables are ready before semester start. If your timetable is not ready by the start of the semester, you should contact the study administration at your faculty.

8. LibrariesTil toppen

8.1 How do I find the addresses of the libraries?

Click on ’Libraries’ in the menu, and then ’Opening hours and locations’. Select the relevant library and then click on ’Info about the library’.

9. Phone bookTil toppen

9.1 What can I find in the phone book?

The phone book in the app is a mobile-optimised version of the phone book available on the UCPH website, with contact data for all university staff.

9.2 My data in the phone book are incorrect, where can I edit?

The data in the phone book come from the UCPH administrative systems, and you can edit them either via Self service under KUnet or by contacting your local Scanpas administrator.

10. News for the media and open eventsTil toppen

10.1 Where do I find news and events about my studies?

News and events about your studies are not yet available in the app. Only news for the media and open events are currently included in the app.

11. CSS Map (UCPH map)Til toppen

11.1 Why don’t I have a directions function in the app when others do?

Only staff and students at Social Sciences have a directions function. The UCPH map has not been launched at all faculties yet, but as this happens more people will get access to it.

11.2 How come the map does not show where I am?

The map is a simple display of another UCPH app, the UCPH Map. To get full functionality, including location you can download the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

12. Log outTil toppen

12.1 How do I log out?

You log out through the ’Log out’ menu item. Please beware that if you close the app without clicking on log out, you are not logged out.